Teacher clues:

1.  Needs to validate truth on his own.

2.  Loves knowledge

3. Slower to accept new ideas.

4. Makes decisions slowly.

5. Safe emotionally.

6. Deep commitment to family.

7. Enjoys tradition.

8. Patient with sinners.

9.Often prefers scholarship over personal stories.

10.Prefers to see end from beginning

11.Delayed or derailed by fear of risk

12.Listens, thinks before speaking

13.Great sense of humor

14.Preserves history

15.Slow to confront

16.Tends to feed mind, instead of spirit

17.Likes validation and credentials

18.Selects things to be responsible about

19.Serves as anchor because he is devoted to truth

20.Intellectually proud

21.Emotions take a back seat to explaining, rationalizing

22.Knowledge instead of intimacy

23.Doesn't like imposing responsibility on others