Servant Clues

Servant clues:

1.  Sees needs and meets needs

2.  Team player

3.  Practical

4.  Says "yes" too often and runs out of time

5.  Loyal

6.  Lacks enemies

7.  Must overcome shame and victimization

8.  Able to receive truth 

9.  Slow to anger

10. Enables others by not requiring change

11. Hard worker 

12. Trustworthy

13. Dependable

14. Sometimes dishonored or ridiculed

15. Does not have quile or ulterior motives or personal agenda

16. Doesn't want recognition


18.Believes the best about others

19.Others can exploit

20. May meet too many needs for children

21. Can remain undefiled in a defiling situation 



06.12.2016 04:41

Nolene Gray

Helpful in recognising my gift.
would like know more about it.