Probably one of the easiest gifts to recognize is the exhorter who never meets a stranger and is everyone's friend.  


1.  The exhorter is relationally driven.  He loves people and is a master networker.  The exhorter appears to know everyone and is the connector in many people's lives. 

2.  The exhorter can be flamboyant, larger than life, and enjoys being the center of attention.  He or she makes others feel alive and loved.

3.  The exhorter does horizontal relationships better than anyone.   Because the exhorter is so relational, he may have to work at being vertically aligned.  In other words, rejecting people to find the time to seek God and learn from him is often hard for the exhorter.  

 4.  The exhorter has huge vision.  To the exhorter, nothing is impossible.  The great motivators and influencers have often been exhorters.  Men like Winston Churchill and Wilber Wilberforce were exhorters.  They were men who use their powerful eloquence to encourage and persuade and shift paradigms.

5.  Many world changers have been exhorters.  Thy are shakers and movers.  Because they are well loved and can motivate men with their words and their personalities, they can shift paradigms.  They can endure extraordinary obstacles and stand through many years to see that truth shifts.  

6.  The exhorter is gifted at disagreeing with others without alientation.  Remember Peter and Paul when Paul called Peter out for going back to the law and coming out from grace?  They had a loud disagreement, which Paul won, and he was able to correct without alienating Peter.  They are often the most eloquent of the gifts and can challenge and correct without offense.  The great William Wilberforce was an exhorter.  He persisted for over 30 years in the House of Commons in England until he saw slavery abolished without bloodshed.  Often an exhorter will have one life long mission to be accomplished and will weather the storm until he sees it accomplished.  

7.   Because he is persuasive and eloquent, he can often lead the way in reconciliation.

8.  The exhorter is very flexible, able to see the opportunity and drop everything and charge toward the new.  In the Bible, Moses and Paul were exhorters.  

9.  The exhorter's popularity can become his downfall in the sense that he succeed without trying.  He can rely on his ease in relationships and not invest the time and energy to fulfill a big vision.

10.  He feels rejection deeply.  Because relationships are so important to the exhorter, he takes rejection very hard.

11.  He can be a catalyst for change, moving paradigms, convincing others with finesse.  Exhorters make great salesmen.  

12.  The exhorter is a motivator.  He inspires others.  

13.  At times, the exhorter must overcome a tendency to believe that he should reap in greater measure than he has sown.

14.  Of the seven gifts, the exhorter is the fourth, or in the middle if they were lined up.  He is the anchor or the connector of the gifts.  



27.02.2017 17:07

Linda Mitchell

I have been told more than once that I have this gift.