God is a designer

 I don't think any of us would argue with God's impressive ability to design or His eye for detail.  Recently I was a passenger in a plane flying over Belize where I  could see the coral reefs below and sharks swimming in the reef, and I was struck how for an instant I was one of a few who had gained that kind of God perspective.  We are awed by the creation, by species of life that boggle usI with their color and design.

 I am always amazed when I see tropical fish, a striped Angel so beautiful in design that I know no intelligent person could think it was a random creation formed through a inexplicable big bang.  

So for believers, it  should be no stretch of the imagination to us that He is vastly capable of planning us, picking the places we would live, selecting the time in which we would live so that as Paul says in Acts that we would find him.  Acts 17:26 tell us this is true.



The design is part of the evidence and part of the way we discover the deeper truths.  Our own design begins as a puzzle and a quest for understanding, and we know that the questions of "Who am I?" and "What is my purpose?" burn deeply in us all. 

All of us recognize how easily some things come to us and how distant other things seem.  We have all tried to squeeze our round selves into a square hole or been exasperated by someone who can't see it our way.


 Remember the story of the blind men and the elephant?  Each was blindfolded and inspecting a part of an elephant.  He determined that the part he was touching must be the elephant in totality.  No one was wrong, but no one, by himself was entirely right either.

Have you ever taken one of those quizzes like What Color or You? Or What kind of storm you would be?   Why do we like those quizzes ?(those of us who do-- and I really do) Even though I know that they are absurd, I like answering the questions because I get to be decisive about the options.   I think, also, it is because we are hungry to know our identiities and for them to be affirmed.    We want to know who we are and where we belong.  We want to be validated in our pursuits and to know that we are serving our intended purposes.  I believe most of us want to know that, and to know that God created us with a particular birthright in mind is like opening a treasure that confirms something our spirit has been seeking and yet also has known.  It settles things.  It confirms deeply.  It satisifes.

Think about the possibility that you are soon to discover more deeply your redemptive gift and with it a greater sense of purpose and destiny.  Ask God to use this as a catalyst for a greater sense of belonging to Him and a greater sense of purpose in all that you do.