Mercy Clues

1.  Navigates with his heart.

2.  Is more sensitive than others.

3.  May be accused of being too sensitive.

4.  Is aware of those who are hurting.

5.  Feels pain intensely.

6.  Cannot always articulate feelings or why he feels as he does.

7.  Subjective.

8.  Has a hard time forgiving and letting go of pain and hurt.

9. Can cut off others as a means of dealing with pain.

10.Meant to carry God's heart of mercy, but must overcome his own pain to do so.


12. Introspective.

13. Compassionate.

14. Empathetic.

15. Usually loves worship and music.

16. Loves beauty and the expression of beauty in art and music.

17. Speaks a different language from others at times.

18. Communication is not always easy for the mercy or with the mercy.

19.Meant to bring peace and alignment.

20.A beautiful expression of God's heart.

21.Suffers because of his own nature.


12.02.2018 18:58


This is me! Every single one! Wow!