Behavioral Clues for the Prophet:


1.  A prophet thinks in terms of black and white:  right and wrong

2.  Enjoys new things

3.  Verbal expressive

4.  Opinionated

5.  Judges and evaluates.

6.  Fearless

7. Purpose driven

8. Generous

9. Impulsive


11. Competetive

12. Able to rethink a situation and change course quickly

13. Critical of self


15. Visionary

16.Unforgiving of self for mistakes

17.Searches for "why"

18. Passionate

19. Demands excellence in himself and others

20. Extreme 

21. Likes to solve problems

22. Needs time alone

23. Wants to restore

24. Hates denial and hypocrisy

25. Has faith 

26. Sees principles and patterns

27. Can weave principles to solve problems

28. Has a compulsion to be honest



29.12.2016 12:03


Hi My name is darlene smith , am from upper island cove ,
Canada.. I want to use
this opportunity to thank God for using this Great prophet to
solve my
marriage problem. This Great Prophet of God

30.12.2015 15:39

Dennis Rhodes

hahahahahahhahahahhahahaha---sooo me!