Giver clues:


1.  A giver has a generational outlook.

2.  A giver is a nurturer.  Loves to be the source of safety and blessing to family.  

3.  Likes to empower others to succeed. 

4.  Not quick to feel quilt;  hates manipulation of any kind

5.  Relates to all sorts of people

6.  Tends to keep friends for a very long time

7.  Networks

8.  Private about his own life

9.  Ordinarily not confrontational

10.Likes options and is good at finding resources and options not readily seen by others

11.Loves to see opportunities and seize them

12.Lives in the present and future;  doesn't learn from the past

13.  Keeps options open as long as possible

14.  Does not like absolutes

15.  Pragmatic and practical

16.  Seems to have resources at all times

17.  Frugal

18.  Loves bargains and discounts

19.  Can find security in resources

20. Gives wisely  

21. Peacemaker

22.  Place of safety and stability

23. Can birth and nurture

24.  Can struggle with gratitude 

25.  Faith may seem hard for the practical giver

26.  Busy, multiple projects, on the move

4.  Independent;  not needy


31.03.2019 20:42


Thanxs for the precise descriptions here and on 'The Giver' page. What tremendous values-WOW! YAP, Consider myself Giver for a year now and you desribed me....

08.10.2016 04:32


Sandy, I am so appreciative of the work you have put in to these pages! Thank you! I am wondering about the "clues" for the Ruler and the Mercy--do they exist some place I am not finding?