A prophet is great at:

repairing broken things, including people

celebrating God

go through difficult times and seasons with faith intact


He can also:

be judgmental, critical, and give up on relationships where principles have been violated


In the Bible, Peter is a great example of a prophet.  He was vocal, impulsive, quick to figure things out, brash, quick to act, quick to repent,  and full of faith.  He demonstrated his faith by walking on the water;  he was the first disciple to recognize that Jesus was the Messiah.  He denied Jesus, but repented in tears.  He was quick to judge other disciples, even John when he questioned Jesus about where John's life would take him in regard to the path he was called to walk.

Another example of a Biblical prophet is Elijah.  He was able to independently face the prophets of Baal, but later feel into despair when he became overwhelmed.  He felt alone and isolated, although he was not.  He had extreme emotions of faith and despair.

John the Baptist was prophet.  Note, that he did not prophesy, except through his lifestyle of "crying out in the wildnerness."  He did prophesy that Jesus was the lamb of God.  But when he was imprisioned, he began to wonder if he had been wrong about everything.  This is also prophet.  He based his "findings" on a principle, and when things went bad for him, he was willing to go back to the beginning and make sure the basic principle was right.  


Immature or carnal prophet may over react, withdraw, go into isolation, become despairing and depressed, lose realtionships, be negative and critical


A mature prophet is able to be part of the solution to the problem.  He is able to see what is wrong in a foundational way, confront it, and offer solutions.  He is a restorer and he believes in the destiny of others and helps them discover it.


Battlefield:  Fractured Relationships


Legitimacy Lie:  Believing he can solve problems that he is not called to solve.





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Dennis Rhodes

Immature or carnal prophet may over react, withdraw, go into isolation, become despairing and depressed, lose relationships, be negative and critical- story of my life still!!