The giver is the fifth gift.  In the Bible, Abraham was a giver.  Nations and cities also have redemptive gifts which is another whole study, but Israel, the nation, is also giver.  So what is a giver that God would choose this gift to exemplify His chosen people and their patriarch.


1.  A giver is a generational thinker.  Remember how miserable Abraham was that although he was mightily blessed by God, he had no heir.  Then God blessed him with Isaac and he was content.  God was called the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob.  A generational God.  

2.  A giver is a nurturer.  The sense of blessing and continuity and protecting the generations are in the heart of a giver.  Look at Israel and the trials they have suffered as a Jewish nation and people, and yet despite all odds, they have largely remained a separte people with a distinct identity in a world that continues to amalgamate.  

3.  A giver sees opportunity and often knows timing and thus is often prosperous.   The giver can sometimes seem to reap more on investment or have keen insight into opportunity.  What is the Jewish nation noted for?  Often it is noted for success and wealth.  There seems to be a blessing on the giver to prosper.  Jacob was a giver.  In the beginning he connived and manipulated to succeed, but he did prosper and was chosen by God to carry the blessing of God.

4.  A giver is not black and white, but sees grey.  A giver does not like limitations, and to him, black and white are limiting.  He likes to think big and explore and discover.  He is usually the least religious of all the gifts because of this.  

5.  A giver loves options.  Just when you think a giver has decided, he may change his mind a couple of more times if the opportuity looks better or he rethinks the situation.  He can complicate things with his need for keeping his options open and checking out all the possibilities before the decides.

6.  Thus he has a hard time commiting.He doesn't like being held to last week's plan or told that he must follow through on a commitment.  He does not usually like being confronted.  Others can perceive this as a lack of credibility or character, but the giver sees an ever changing landscape.

7.A giver has does not take a census before acting.    Often others must synchronize with him, as he has an agenda, is independent, and is always moving toward his personal goals and taking the opportunities in front of him.     

8.  Although the giver gives generously, he is very particular about what he gives to and cautious about it.  He does not like to give to startups but to proven enterprises.  He is accountable to God for stewardship and he must learn this:   in other words, he wrestles with God about what is his and what is God's.  The giver's quest is knowing it is all God's.  

9. A giver brings stability to those around him.  He anchors.  People are often drawn to the giver's strength and stability.

10. Job was a giver who began with a limited understanding of God that read like a business contract.  The giver is capable of seeing a big God, and Job, at the end of his life, had seen a much larger God through his trials.    The giver tends to see everyone as a peer at first, which makes all men approachable for him and often leads to worldy success.   He is not easily intimidated.  In the case of God, he may learn the hard way that God is not a peer.  


11.  Sam Walton and Bill Gates are both givers.  They shared the desire to leave a legacy.  Making money is not the end goal;  they usually want to invest in something lasting or productive.  

12.  A Giver can be surprisingly frugal with his own family.  He is frugal with some things so that he can amass wealth to be generous in other things.  Warren Buffet is a good example of a giver who is frugal.  He has lived in the same house for the past thirty years and is unassuming in his personal style.  He has paid for his children's schooling, but has not lavished wealth on them.  Givers usually want their children to know the value of hard work and money.

13.  Givers tend to see everyone as a peer.  They make great connectors and know many different types of people.  They are not easily intimated by people that might be intimidating.

14.  They are very practical and down to earth.  "Will it work?" is one of their theme.  They take calculated risks, not foolish ones, and are very good at assessing the feasibility and effort a project will take.  They can persevere through hard times and be relentless in seeing a project through.

15.  Givers like to network and to select people from their existing network to build with in the future.  They are more comfortable with the tried and true employees that they can plug in than with new ones.  

16.  They thrive on information, but they are usually not forthcoming with their own.  forthc  They are good negotiators, able to hold their emotions in check and give information out when they feel it is appropriate.  

A giver is designed by God to give birth to things that last.  God picked the giver nation of Israel to be His people, and he picked Abraham, giver, to birth the nation.  They are far sighted, driven, and persevering to see that the things that are born stay alive and flourish. They have stamina and long range vision and a work ethic to establish and endure.   


28.06.2017 20:07

Cynthia Harris

Thanks so much for all this, Sandy!

13.12.2016 05:57

Jillian S.

#8 is a real kicker! I am Giver and this is the journey God has me on. I must learn that it is all His, my belongings, my family, my children, anything I have ever or will ever possess is ALL His.