1.  Risk taker

2.  High energy level;  more than others

3.  Task driven;  wants to be in charge so he can complete the task at hand

4.  More task oriented and may neglect nurture, team building, development of potential in others

5.  Able to see who might fit where to get the job done more so than ordinary

6.  Can cut corners to see the project finished on time;  this can lead to integrity issues

7.  May be seen as ruthless or harsh because the task takes precedent over those he is asking to complete it

8.  Can work with a large debt without panic;  may not even be aware of the "bottom line" since it is not his major concern

9.  Wants to be in charge;  will take charge

10. Doesn't want to stop bulding:  ever

11. Enjoys pressure himself and doesn't mind putting others under pressure to get the task done

12. Doesn't want to take time to nurture or problem solve except on a task driven level

13. Optimistic about tasks he is given to accomplish;  refuses to be discouraged, even when the going is unreasonably tough

14. Can break a project down and design systems to get it done

15. Will be busy his whole life

16. Can complete another person's vision; it doesn't have to be his own

17. Willing to make enemies

18. Hates "nay sayers" because he is endlessly optimistic about the task

19. Takes disloyalty personally or even dissent as a challenge to his leadership

20 Will not tolerate disrespect from authority above him

21.May dress with style and stand apart